4000+ terms to practice for L words speech therapy

Lambdacism is a type of speech disorder that affects the correct pronunciation of the “L” sound. Children with Lambdacism may have difficulty producing words with “L” sound, substituting it with another sound, or omitting it entirely. This can lead to communication difficulties, affecting their ability to express themselves and communicate effectively with others. L words Speech therapy can effectively treat Lambdacism, providing children with the tools and techniques needed to correctly produce the “L” sound.

Through targeted exercises and practice, speech therapists can help children with Lambdacism to improve their speech clarity, build confidence in their communication skills, and enhance their overall quality of life.

How to Say the L sound?

The /l/ sound is typically developed by the age of 3, but mastery in conversation usually occurs by 5-6 years old. For older children who struggle with this sound, therapy can help improve their speech. To make the /l/ sound, place the tip of the tongue just behind the front teeth and use the voice to produce the sound while allowing air to pass around the tongue and out through the mouth. Imitation is key to teaching speech sounds, so model the sound slowly and emphasize tongue placement. Troubleshooting techniques include video modeling and using a mirror or tactile cues. Start with simple sounds and progress to single words and short phrases. Here is the video tutorial on how to say the L sound:

Other activities to practice the /l/ sound include making a list of words with good /l/ sounds, listening for /l/ in words or stories, and describing different lights.

Without further ado, let’s practice with the “L” words, sentences, and reading passages that can be used effectively in speech therapy for children with Lambdacism.

One syllable that starts with L

  1. Lap – The dog sat in my lap.
  2. Leg – My leg hurts.
  3. Lid – Please put the lid back on the jar.
  4. Lip – Apply lip balm to prevent chapped lips.
  5. Log – The lumberjack chopped down a log.
  6. Lot – The parking lot was full.
  7. Law – You must obey the law.
  8. Lay – I will lay the book on the table.
  9. Let – Please let me know if you need help.
  10. Lab – The scientist works in the lab.
  11. Lag – Don’t lag behind. Hurry up!
  12. Lash – Use a lash curler.
  13. Lass – The lass walked her dog in the park.
  14. Last – This is the last piece of cake.
  15. Latch – Close the latch before leaving.
  16. Lawn – The lawn needs to be mowed.
  17. Leak – The faucet is leaking water.
  18. Lean – Lean against the wall for support.
  19. Leap – The athlete made a long leap.
  20. Lick – The ice cream tastes good when you lick it.
  21. Life – Life is full of surprises.
  22. Lift – Use the elevator to lift you to the top floor.
  23. Like – I like to listen to music.
  24. Line – Stand in a straight line, please.
  25. Lint – The dryer collects lint from the clothes.
  26. List – Make a list of items to buy at the store.
  27. Lit – The room is lit up with candles.
  28. Loaf – I bought a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery.
  29. Loan – The bank approved my loan application.
  30. Lock – Please lock the door when you leave.
  31. Loon – The loon’s call echoed across the lake.
  32. Loop – Tie a loop to make a knot.
  33. Lore – The story was passed down through the lore.
  34. Lull – The soft music puts the baby to sleep with a lull.
  35. Lush – The garden was lush with greenery.
  36. Lute – The musician played a beautiful tune on the lute.
  37. Luxe – The hotel room was decorated in a luxurious style.
  38. Lung – The doctor examined my lung capacity.
  39. Lump – There was a lump in the mattress.
  40. Luck – Good luck with your test!
  41. Lurk – The cat likes to lurk in the shadows.
  42. Lye – Don’t touch the lye.
  43. Lynx – The lynx is a wild feline found in North America.
  44. Leaf – The tree lost its leaves in the fall.
  45. Ledge – The hiker walked along the narrow ledge.
  46. Left – Turn left at the next intersection.
  47. Lens – The photographer used a wide-angle lens.
  48. Lev – The coin was made of lev.

One syllable with L in the middle

  1. Belch: After he drank the soda, he let out a loud belch.
  2. Calf: The farmer’s calf was born last week.
  3. Delve: She decided to delve into the history of her family.
  4. Elk: We saw a majestic elk in the woods.
  5. False: The rumor was completely false.
  6. Gulp: He took a big gulp of water after the long run.
  7. Halt: The train had to halt due to a problem on the tracks.
  8. Hurl: He felt sick and had to run to the bathroom to hurl.
  9. Kelch: The kelch was used to hold the Eucharistic bread.
  10. Kelp: The beach was covered in kelp after the storm.
  11. Kilt: He wore a kilt to the Scottish festival.
  12. Malt: The brewery used a special malt in their beer.
  13. Mulch: The gardener spreads mulch around the plants.
  14. Pelf: He was accused of stealing pelf from the store.
  15. Pulse: The nurse took his pulse.
  16. Salve: She applied a salve to the wound.
  17. Silt: The river was filled with silt.
  18. Silk: She bought a dress made of silk for the wedding.
  19. Skulk: The thieves skulk around the building.
  20. Smelt: He smelt the flowers and enjoyed their sweet fragrance.
  21. Tilt: They tilt their head to the side.
  22. Valves: The valves in the engine needed to be replaced.
  23. Veldt: The lions roamed freely on the veldt.
  24. Welds: He welds to join the metal pieces together.
  25. Welsh: She was proud of her Welsh heritage.
  26. Welt: The shoe had a welt around the sole for added durability.
  27. Whelps: The dog had a litter of whelps in the backyard.
  28. Wilt: The flowers started to wilt after a few days.
  29. Wolf: The wolf howled at the moon in the night sky.
  30. Zilch: She had zilch experience in the field.
  31. Belt: He tightened his belt after a big meal.
  32. Felt: She made a hat out of felt to keep her head warm.
  33. Help: He asked his friend for help.
  34. Elves: The children dressed up as elves.
  35. Gulf: They looked out at the vast gulf in front of them.
  36. Sulk: They sit in the corner and sulk after the argument.
  37. Melt: The ice cream started to melt.
  38. Bolt: He quickly bolted the door shut.
  39. Colt: The colt ran around the field.
  40. Jolt: The sudden jolt woke him up from his nap.
  41. Volt: Volt is used in Physics.
  42. Solve: She worked hard to solve the math.
  43. Pelt: The hunter used the pelt of the animal.
  44. Pulp: The blender turned the fruit into a pulp.
  45. Ralph: Ralph enjoyed reading books.
  46. Rolf: Rolf was an expert in repairing vintage cars.
  47. Sild: The sild was a popular fish.
  48. Filch: He was caught trying to filch some money.
  49. Flask: She carried a flask filled with hot tea.
  50. Hilt: The sword’s hilt was decorated.
  51. Milk: She poured a glass of milk.
  52. Milch: The farm had a herd of milch cows.

    One-Syllable and Ends with L

    1. Seal – The seal swam in the ocean. 
    2. Deal – Let’s make a deal. 
    3. Heal – The medicine helped to heal his wound.
    4. Meal – I had a delicious meal for dinner. 
    5. Real – This diamond ring is real. 
    6. Wheel – The wheel of the car was wobbling. 
    7. Feel – I feel happy today. 
    8. Peel – They peel the apple with a knife. 
    9. Reel – He caught a fish on his fishing reel. 
    10. Veil – The bride wore a veil on her wedding day. 
    11. Sail – The boat set sail at sunrise. 
    12. Rail – The train runs on the rail. 
    13. Tail – The dog wagged its tail. 
    14. Mail – I sent a letter by mail. 
    15. Bail – He paid the bail to get out of jail. 
    16. Hail – The hailstones fell from the sky. 
    17. Nail – She painted her nails with red nail polish. 
    18. Sale – The store had a big sale on clothes. 
    19. Tale – The book tells a tale of adventure. 
    20. Wail – The baby started to wail loudly. 
    21. Ball – I kicked the ball into the goal. 
    22. Call – Can you call me later? 
    23. Fall – The leaves fall from the trees in autumn. 
    24. Tall – The skyscraper is very tall. 
    25. Wall – The picture hangs on the wall. 
    26. Doll – She played with her doll all day. 
    27. Full – The glass is full of water. 
    28. Pull – They pull the broken car.
    29. Bull – The farmer has a bull on his farm. 
    30. Hull – The ship’s hull is made of steel. 
    31. Mull – She is trying to mull over her decision. 
    32. Null – The result is null and void. 
    33. Bill – He paid the restaurant bill with his credit card. 
    34. Chill – I feel a chill in the air. 
    35. Drill – The workers used a drill to make a hole in the wall. 
    36. Fill – Can you fill the glass with water? 
    37. Hill – The hill is very steep. 
    38. Mill – The factory has a big mill. 
    39. Pill – She took a pill to relieve her headache. 
    40. Till – Farmers till the soil to plant the seeds. 
    41. Will – I will do my best to finish this project. 
    42. Swill – He threw the swill to the pigs. 
    43. Thrill – Riding a rollercoaster gives me a thrill.

    2-syllable words with “L” in the beginning

    1. Label: Please label the boxes with their respective contents.
    2. Lacy: She wore a lacy dress to the party.
    3. Lady: The lady at the store helped me find what I was looking for.
    4. Lagoon: The resort overlooks a beautiful lagoon.
    5. Lampoon: The comedy show lampooned current political issues.
    6. Landlord: My landlord fixed the broken faucet in the bathroom.
    7. Lanky: He was tall and lanky, with long limbs.
    8. Lapel: His lapel was adorned with a small pin.
    9. Lapse: He forgot to renew his driver’s license, and his coverage lapsed.
    10. Larder: The pantry was stocked with plenty of food in the larder.
    11. Latchkey: She always carried a latchkey with her to get into her apartment building.
    12. Laurel: The runner received a laurel wreath for winning the race.
    13. Lawful: It is important to always act in a lawful manner.
    14. Lawyer: My friend’s sister is a lawyer and works at a big law firm.
    15. Lazy: He spent the whole day being lazy and watching TV.
    16. Leather: The couch was made of soft, brown leather.
    17. Leaving: I will be leaving for the airport in an hour.
    18. Lecture: The professor gave a long lecture on the history of the Roman Empire.
    19. Ledgers: The accountant spent the day balancing the ledgers.
    20. Lefthand: She used her lefthand to write her name.
    21. Legal: It is not legal to drive without a valid license.
    22. Legend: The story of King Arthur is a famous legend.
    23. Leisure: He enjoyed reading in his leisure time.
    24. Lentil: The soup was made with lentils and vegetables.
    25. Lessen: The pain medication helped to lessen the intensity of her headache.
    26. Lessor: The lessor was responsible for making repairs to the rental property.
    27. Letter: She received a letter from her grandmother in the mail.
    28. Lettuce: The salad was made with fresh lettuce and tomatoes.
    29. The ground is level.
    30. He used the lever to lift the box.
    31. She needs to renew her driver’s license.
    32. The tree was covered in lichen.
    33. I spilled some liquid on the table.
    34. The lighthouse warned ships off the rocky coast.
    35. He has been a member for a lifetime.
    36. She lifted the lid to see what was inside.
    37. The bright colors will lighten up the room.
    38. The power plant uses lignite as fuel.
    39. The water in the lake was limpid and clear.
    40. He continued to linger at the party.
    41. She ordered a glass of liqueur after dinner.
    42. The litmus test indicated the presence of acid.
    43. The park was littered with trash.
    44. The lively music made everyone want to dance.
    45. The loading process took longer than expected.
    46. He spent the afternoon loafing on the couch.
    47. The local bakery makes the best bread in town

    2-syllable words with “L” sound in the middle

    1. The alloy is made of two metals.  
    2.   He developed a callus on his hand from working.  
    3.   She signed the contract with a ballpen.  
    4.   He needs to find a balance between work and play.  
    5.   They welcomed the new students to the school.  
    6.   He was being selfish and only thinking of himself.  
    7.   The DNA molecule forms a helix.  
    8.   The wine was stored in the cellar.  
    9.   The news of her promotion brought delight to everyone.  
    10.   Her skin looked sallow from being sick.  
    11.   Be careful of the shallow water near the shore.  
    12.   The priest used the chalice during the Mass.  
    13.   The kitchen was filthy and needed to be cleaned.  
    14.   She fluffed up the pillow before going to sleep.  
    15.   She had a meeting with her colleague to discuss the project.  
    16.   The jolly man laughed at all of the jokes.  
    17.   She didn’t feel like she belonged in the group.  
    18.   The salad was topped with black olives.  
    19.   He felt something stuck in his gullet and coughed.  
    20.   The halters held the horses in place.  
    21.   The rabbit food was in pellet form.  
    22.   The painting was tilted and needed to be straightened.  
    23.   He learned welding in trade school.  
    24.   The books were organized on the shelving unit.  
    25.   The sunset had a golden glow.  
    26.   The extra pillows helped to bolster the couch cushions.  
    27.   She began to falter in her steps as she grew tired.  
    28.   She ordered a glass of seltzer with her meal.  
    29.   The helper provided assistance with the task.  
    30.   The couch was covered in soft velvet.  
    31.   He was sulky because he didn’t get his way.  
    32.   The sulkiness in her demeanor was noticeable.  
    33.   The volcano erupted with tremendous force.  
    34.   Her silken dress flowed as she walked.  
    35.   The vase was delicate and easily breakable.  
    36.   The feline purred contentedly on her lap.  
    37.   The silence in the room was eerie.  
    38.   He felt a sense of calmness wash over him.  
    39.   She had a sense of malice towards her ex-boyfriend.  
    40.   The alarming news caused panic.  
    41.   His tallness made him stand out in the crowd.  
    42.   The belt was belted tightly around his waist.  
    43.   There were a zillion stars in the sky.  
    44.   She snacked on a handful of almonds.  
    45.   He lived a wealthy lifestyle.  
    46.   She was feeling healthier after starting to exercise.  
    47.   The artist used a felt-tip pen to create the sketch.  
    48.   The sulfur smell was overpowering.  
    49.   The elders in the community were respected.  
    50.   The ice cream was melting in the sun.  
    51.   She had a strong belief in the power of positive thinking.  
    52.   He had a chilblain on his toe from being out in the cold.  
    53.   The balmy weather was perfect for a picnic.  
    54.   The deltoid muscle is located in the shoulder.  
    55.   He had an ulcer on his tongue.  
    56.   He had a sullen expression on his face.  
    57.   She snacked on a saltine cracker.  

    2-syllable words with “L” at the end

    1. Fossil: The paleontologist discovered a fossil.
    2. Pencil: Can you hand me a pencil?
    3. Vowel: “A,” “E,” “I,” “O,” and “U” are all vowels in the English language.
    4. Tinsel: We decorated the Christmas tree with tinsel and lights.
    5. Cancel: Cancel the error
    6. Laurel: The chef garnished the dish with a sprig of fresh laurel.
    7. Vessel: The ship is a large vessel that can carry many passengers and cargo.
    8. Angel: The little girl dressed up as an angel for the school play.
    9. Tunnel: The train traveled through the tunnel to get to the other side of the mountain.
    10. Novel: I read a novel every night before going to bed.
    11. Hazel: The color of her eyes is hazel, a mix of green and brown.
    12. Morsel: She only ate a small morsel of the cake, as she was on a diet.
    13. Muddle: The instructions were confusing and caused a muddle in the kitchen.
    14. Kettle: She boiled water in the kettle to make tea.
    15. Rascal: The mischievous boy was known to be a rascal in the neighborhood.
    16. Fennel: The recipe called for fresh fennel to be chopped and added to the salad.
    17. Carpal: She wore a brace on her wrist to alleviate carpal tunnel pain.
    18. Satchel: He carried his books in a satchel slung over his shoulder.
    19. Gravel: The driveway was covered in gravel, making it difficult to walk on.
    20. Chisel: The sculptor used a chisel to shape the stone into a beautiful statue.
    21. Bevel: The carpenter cuts the wood at a bevel to create a clean edge.
    22. Mammal: A human being is a mammal because we are warm-blooded and nurse our young.
    23. Gospel: The pastor preached the gospel message to the congregation.
    24. Pedal: She pressed down on the pedal to make the bike move forward.
    25. Pummel: The boxer pummeled his opponent with a series of quick punches.
    26. Rebel: The teenager was known to be a rebel, always pushing the boundaries.
    27. Wrangle: The two politicians were able to wrangle out a compromise on the issue.
    28. Cradle: The baby slept peacefully in the cradle, rocked gently by his mother.
    29. Saddle: The cowboy tightened the saddle on his horse before riding off into the sunset.
    30. Focal: The focal point of the painting was the bright red apple in the center.
    31. Kernel: The popcorn kernel popped and turned into fluffy white popcorn.
    32. Babel: The classroom was filled with a babel of noise as the students chatted before class.
    33. Label: The label on the jar indicated that it contained strawberry jam.
    34. Fungal: The athlete developed a fungal infection on his foot from wearing damp socks.
    35. Puddle: The rain had created a large puddle on the sidewalk, which the kids splashed in.
    36. Quibble: He always seemed to quibble over the details, making the project take longer.
    37. Raffle: The school held a raffle to raise money for the new playground equipment.
    38. Mantel: The clock on the mantel chimed loudly, indicating that it was noon.
    39. Tangle: Her hair was a tangle of knots after swimming.
    40. Twinkle – The stars in the sky twinkle brightly on a clear night.
    41. Waffle – I love to have waffles for breakfast with some syrup and butter.
    42. Whistle – The referee blew the whistle to signal the end of the game.
    43. Barrel – The oil was stored in a large barrel.
    44. Bristle – The cat’s fur would bristle when it was frightened.
    45. Bustle – The city streets were filled with the bustle of people going to work.
    46. Griddle – The pancakes were cooked perfectly on the hot griddle.
    47. Gargle – I like to gargle with salt water when I have a sore throat.
    48. Heckle – An audience member heckled the comedian during his performance.
    49. Hostel – We stayed at a hostel while backpacking through Europe.
    50. Baseball – My favorite sport to watch is baseball.
    51. Hotel – After a long day of traveling, we checked into our hotel room.

    L-Words With Multiple Syllables

    Reading words that start with the letter L in the dictionary can be a good way to practice reading words containing the “L” sound. So instead of enumerating words that start with the letter L, we will provide words with more than two syllables with the L sound in the middle and the end.

    Ends With L

    • Abolishable
    • Abruptly
    • Abysmal
    • Accusable
    • Adaptable
    • Admirable
    • Adjustable
    • Adorable
    • Advisable
    • Affable
    • Agreeable
    • Allocable
    • Amenable
    • Appellable
    • Applicable
    • Articulable
    • Assailable
    • Attainable
    • Audible
    • Available
    • Avengeful
    • Avoidable
    • Beneficial
    • Calculable
    • Cancellable
    • Cardinal
    • Certifiable
    • Changeable
    • Chargeable
    • Collectible
    • Comparable
    • Compassable
    • Compliable
    • Concealable
    • Conceivable
    • Confusable
    • Connectable
    • Conquerable
    • Controllable
    • Convertible
    • Credible
    • Cultivable
    • Culpable
    • Customizable
    • Datable
    • Debatable
    • Decidable
    • Deductible
    • Defeatable
    • Defendable
    • Defensible
    • Definable
    • Delightful
    • Deliverable
    • Deplorable
    • Derivable
    • Describable
    • Despicable
    • Detectable
    • Developable
    • Devisable
    • Dictatorial
    • Digestible
    • Dilatable
    • Disagreeable
    • Disallowable
    • Discernible
    • Disciplinable
    • Disclosable
    • Discoverable
    • Dismissible
    • Dissolvable
    • Distinguishable
    • Divisible
    • Documentable
    • Dubitable
    • Educable
    • Effectual
    • Ejectable
    • Eligible
    • Enforceable
    • Enrollable
    • Enjoyable
    • Enlargeable
    • Enlivening
    • Entangle
    • Equitable
    • Excludable
    • Expendable
    • Explorable
    • Extendable
    • Extricable
    • Fallible
    • Fashionable
    • Fathomable
    • Flammable
    • Floodable
    • Forgivable
    • Formidable
    • Fulfillable
    • Genealogical
    • Generalizable
    • Geothermal
    • Gradable
    • Helpable
    • Hereditable
    • Historical
    • Homicidal
    • Horrible
    • Hospitable
    • Hypnotizable
    • Identifiable
    • Illegible
    • Illimitable
    • Illustrable
    • Immeasurable
    • Impeccable
    • Impregnable
    • Improvable
    • Incalculable
    • Incapable
    • Incompatible
    • Incredulous
    • Indelible
    • Indispensable
    • Indomitable
    • Inducible
    • Inevitable
    • Infernal
    • Inflammable
    • Inflexible
    • Informal
    • Inheritable
    • Inimitable
    • Inseparable
    • Insolvable
    • Instructable
    • Insurable
    • Intelligible
    • Interchangeable
    • International
    • Intertribal
    • Invincible
    • Inviolable
    • Irascible
    • Irreconcilable
    • Irrigable
    • Irresistible
    • Irretrievable
    • Irreversible
    • Irrevocable
    • Knowledgeable
    • Lamentable
    • Laughable
    • Launchable
    • Lavishable
    • Legible
    • Lendable
    • Limitable
    • Linearizable
    • Liveable
    • Lovable
    • Manageable
    • Marketable
    • Measurable
    • Memorizable
    • Mendable
    • Merciful
    • Meridional
    • Metabolizable
    • Metaphorical
    • Methodical
    • Migrational
    • Millennial
    • Mimetical
    • Mineralizable
    • Misdirectable
    • Misinformable
    • Mistakable
    • Modifiable
    • Monosyllable
    • Mountable
    • Moveable
    • Multiplyable
    • Mutable
    • Navigable
    • Negotiable
    • Nonsensical
    • Notable
    • Noticeable
    • Nourishable
    • Obligational
    • Obsessional
    • Occasional
    • Offendable
    • Offerable
    • Omittable
    • Operable
    • Orderable
    • Organizable
    • Oscillatable
    • Overrashly
    • Paddleball
    • Palatable
    • Pardonable
    • Perishable
    • Permutable
    • Persuadable
    • Petitionable
    • Photographable
    • Pliable
    • Plunderable
    • Polarizable
    • Postcolonial
    • Potable
    • Practical
    • Precipitable
    • Predictable
    • Preferrable
    • Preparable
    • Presentable
    • Preservable
    • Preventable
    • Proclaimable
    • Producible
    • Professional
    • Profitable
    • Programmable
    • Promotable
    • Propagable
    • Propellable
    • Proposable
    • Provable
    • Providential
    • Psychosocial
    • Publishable
    • Purchasable
    • Quenchable
    • Questionable
    • Quizzical
    • Radiological
    • Raisable
    • Reasonable
    • Reassessable
    • Receivable
    • Recognizable
    • Recordable
    • Recyclable
    • Redeemable
    • Refillable
    • Refutable
    • Regenerable
    • Reimbursable
    • Rejoiceful
    • Releasable
    • Relishable
    • Remindful
    • Renderable
    • Reparable
    • Repeatable
    • Reprehensible
    • Repressible
    • Reproducible
    • Repugnable
    • Rescindable
    • Resellable
    • Resentful
    • Resistible
    • Resolvable
    • Respectable
    • Retrievable
    • Reverential
    • Reversible
    • Reviviscential
    • Rewardable
    • Rippable
    • Romanceful
    • Rotatable
    • Routable
    • Salable
    • Salvageable
    • Sanctifiable
    • Sanitizable
    • Saturable
    • Seasonable
    • Secularizable
    • Sedimentable
    • Selectable
    • Self-respectful
    • Semantical
    • Semiretiremental
    • Sensational
    • Sensible
    • Separable
    • Serological
    • Serviceable
    • Settleable
    • Several
    • Shippable
    • Signifiable
    • Simplicial
    • Skillful
    • Slappable
    • Sleepful
    • Social
    • Sociable
    • Solidifiable
    • Solvable
    • Sophistical
    • Soundable
    • Spherical
    • Splittable
    • Sportful
    • Spottable
    • Stabilizable
    • Stainable
    • Standardizable
    • Stateable
    • Statistical
    • Storable
    • Stumble
    • Substantial
    • Substitutable
    • Subtractable
    • Suggestible
    • Superficial
    • Supernormal
    • Supersubstantial
    • Supplantable
    • Supportable
    • Supposable
    • Surmountable
    • Survivable
    • Susceptible
    • Swimmable
    • Syllabical
    • Symbolical
    • Symmetrical
    • Synchronizable
    • Synoptical
    • Tameable
    • Tangible
    • Taxable
    • Technological
    • Televisual
    • Temperamental
    • Temporal
    • Tensible
    • Terrestrial
    • Testable
    • Theological
    • Thinkable
    • Thwartable
    • Tolerable
    • Traceable
    • Tradable
    • Trainable
    • Transformable
    • Transfusable
    • Translatable
    • Transmittable
    • Transportable
    • Twirlable
    • Umpirable
    • Unassailable
    • Unavailable
    • Unbelievable
    • Uncancellable
    • Uncivil
    • Unconscionable
    • Uncrushable
    • Undeniable
    • Underfill
    • Underminable
    • Undetectable
    • Undilutable
    • Undrinkable
    • Unendurable
    • Unexceptional
    • Unforgettable
    • Unfulfillable
    • Unharmful
    • Unhelpful
    • Unidentifiable
    • Unilateral
    • Unintelligible
    • Unlabelled
    • Unlistenable
    • Unmentionable
    • Unmistakable
    • Unreasonable
    • Unrecognizable
    • Unreliable
    • Unresolvable
    • Unriddle
    • Unrufflable
    • Unrulable
    • Unsatisfiable
    • Unsolvable
    • Unstable
    • Unstoppable
    • Unsupportable
    • Untouchable
    • Untransferable
    • Unusable
    • Uppercuttable
    • Usable
    • Utilizable
    • Valuable

    L in the Middle

    • Calculator
    • Hilarious
    • Melancholy
    • Evaluate
    • Delicate
    • Reliable
    • Collaboration
    • Excellent
    • Intellectual
    • Alleviate
    • Elephant
    • Intelligent
    • Elaborate
    • Politics
    • Fulfillment
    • Technology
    • Celebrate
    • Alcoholic
    • Violent
    • Eligible
    • Installation
    • Luminous
    • Delicious
    • Elusive
    • Diligent
    • Malleable
    • Criminal
    • Clinical
    • Cellophane
    • Calamity
    • Collateral
    • Flammable
    • Hospitality
    • Cellulose
    • Collarbone
    • Inflatable
    • Calibrate
    • Tolerance
    • Scholarly
    • Allocation
    • Disloyal
    • Analytical
    • Deliberate
    • Illuminate
    • Alleviation
    • Inflection
    • Halcyon
    • Alliteration
    • Balcony
    • Malfunction
    • Vigilant
    • Ultraviolet
    • Silhouette
    • Ambivalent
    • Translucent
    • Recollection
    • Obligation
    • Impulsive
    • Relinquish
    • Plausible
    • Involvement
    • Delinquent
    • Malcontent
    • Validity
    • Solemnity
    • Calamitous
    • Hallelujah
    • Legitimate
    • Alluvial
    • Mellifluous
    • Bellicose
    • Levitate
    • Delineate
    • Clandestine
    • Mandolin
    • Electrify
    • Eloquence
    • Abolition
    • Intellectualize
    • Colloquial
    • Polyglot
    • Vocalize


    Lily the Lion Learns to Laugh

    Once upon a time, in a lush green land, there lived a lovely lioness named Lily. Despite her pretty name, Lily was a lonely lioness who didn’t like to laugh or even smile. She longed to make some lion friends, but her lack of laughter made it difficult for her to communicate with others.

    One day, Lily met a lively little lamb named Lulu, who was very loquacious and loved to talk. Lulu tried to engage Lily in a conversation, but Lily just sat there looking sullen and unresponsive.

    Lulu, who was a wise little lamb, decided to teach Lily how to laugh. She began to tell her some funny stories and made silly faces, but Lily didn’t even crack a smile.

    Lulu didn’t give up. She decided to take Lily on a little adventure to the lake, where they saw a lovely lily pad floating on the water. Lulu suggested they play a game of leapfrog and hop from one lily pad to another.

    Lily was hesitant at first, but Lulu’s enthusiasm was contagious. Lily tentatively leaped from one lily pad to another, and as she did, she started to feel more and more alive. Her lips began to curl up into a smile, and she was laughing out loud before she knew it.

    From that day on, Lily and Lulu became the best of friends, and Lily learned that laughter was a magical gift that could bring joy to herself and others.

    The end.

    Leo the Loyal Llama

    A lovely llama named Leo lived in a little village in the mountains. Leo was a loyal and loving llama who spent his days grazing in the lush green fields and frolicking with his llama friends.

    One day, Leo noticed that his best friend, Lola, the lamb, was missing. Leo searched high and low, but he couldn’t find Lola anywhere. He asked all the animals in the village if they had seen her, but nobody had.

    Leo was worried sick about Lola and vowed to find her no matter what. He started looking for her all over the mountain, leaping over logs and streams and climbing steep cliffs.

    After hours of searching, Leo finally spotted Lola, who was stuck in a large log that had fallen over the river. Without hesitation, Leo leaped into the river and pulled Lola to safety. Lola was so grateful to Leo that she licked his face with her little lamb tongue.

    Leo felt proud of himself for being such a loyal friend, and he knew that his act of kindness had made Lola feel loved and cared for. From that day on, Leo and Lola were even closer than before, and Leo was known as the loyal llama who would leap to the rescue whenever his friends needed him.

    The end.

    Landon and the Lost Locket

    Landon was a little boy who loved adventure. He spent most of his days exploring the woods behind his house, looking for hidden treasures and secret paths.

    One day, while Landon was playing in the woods, he stumbled upon a shiny object on the ground. It was a locket, and it looked very old and valuable. Landon was thrilled with his discovery and decided to keep it for himself.

    But as the days went by, Landon noticed that the locket was cursed. He began to have strange dreams about a lady named Lady Lorraine, who was the original owner of the locket. She had lost the locket years ago and had been searching for it ever since.

    Landon knew he had to do the right thing and return the locket to its owner. He leaped into action and started searching for Lady Lorraine. He asked all the people in the village if they knew her, but nobody had seen her for years.

    Landon didn’t give up. He decided to go on a long journey to find Lady Lorraine and return her locket to her. He leaped over logs, climbed mountains, and swam through rivers to find her.

    Finally, after weeks of searching, Landon found Lady Lorraine in a little village far away. He handed her the locket, and she was overjoyed. She gave Landon a big hug and thanked him for his kindness.

    From that day on, Landon felt proud of himself for being a loyal and honest boy, and he knew that his bravery and determination had helped reunite Lady Lorraine with her lost locket.

    The end.

    Written by: Sittie Ashia Said

    Edited and Medically Reviewed by: Dr. Juhairah Magarang-Said

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