Dr. JP Said

Dr. JP Said

Verbal Imitation Skills: Phases, examples, techniques

child imitating

Verbal imitation is an essential skill that plays a significant role in language development, communication abilities, and social interactions. It involves copying spoken language and other vocal sounds to improve linguistic skills. Understanding the phases of verbal imitation and effective…

Fluency Shaping vs. Stuttering Modification

speech therapy

For a quick overview, Fluency Shaping therapy focuses on creating smooth speech patterns, while Stuttering Modification therapy aims to reduce the severity and frequency of stuttering incidents. Fluency Shaping therapy teaches individuals to speak slowly and regulate their breathing to…

How would you know if a child has MERLD?

therapist is checking a child

MERLD (Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder) is a communication disorder that affects both understanding and speaking to varying degrees. Children with this disorder struggle to understand words and sentences and to express themselves through language. Sensory deficits, intellectual deficits, neurological conditions,…